Envious Bovine Disapproves of Mother's Partner | The Dodo


In the article titled "Jealous Cow Doesn't Approve Of Mom's Boyfriend", a heartwarming and somewhat amusing story is shared about a cow and her strong feelings towards her owner's new romantic partner. The cow, named Luna, becomes visibly jealous and disapproving of the boyfriend's presence whenever he visits.

The article recounts how Luna, who has a strong bond with her owner, becomes protective and territorial whenever the boyfriend is around. Luna constantly tries to come between the couple and make her disapproval known. While the owner finds Luna's behavior amusing and endearing, the boyfriend is often left feeling frustrated and perplexed.


The article explains that Luna's behavior suggests that animals, particularly those with strong bonds with their owners, can experience emotions similar to jealousy. It showcases the depth of connection between humans and animals and the impact it can have on their behavior.

Despite Luna's jealous streak, the owner is committed to helping Luna adjust to the new relationship. In the meantime, the article emphasizes the importance of being patient and understanding when introducing new people into the lives of our beloved pets.

Overall, the article highlights the amusing yet heartwarming story of Luna the cow and her disapproval of her owner's boyfriend. It sheds light on the emotional capacity of animals and emphasizes the importance of nurturing and respecting the bond between humans and their animal companions.


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