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The Final Table Read On The Big Bang Theory Is The Most Emotional Part Of The Show

Behind the scenes, 'TBBT' had several memorable moments, which included some of the best bloopers, and unscripted moments. Heck, even during the actual scenes, some of the cast got caught laughing.

However, there were also lots of emotions, especially during the final episode. We'll look back at the emotional table read and how it caused everyone to break.

Most Of The Big Bang Theory Cast Wasn't Ready To Let Go

Ending was not a popular decision both amongst the fans and cast. The show ended right before the pandemic and Sheldon's reaction to it could have been comedy gold had the show continued on.

As for Kaley Cuoco, , in her mind, season 13 was to take place.

“Jim said, ‘I don’t think I can continue on.’

“And I was so shocked that I was literally like, ‘Continue on with what?’ Like, I didn’t even know what he was talking about. I looked at Chuck: ‘Wow. I thought we were — I’m so blown away right now.’”

Kaley revealed that the cast had the mentality of going into everything together, meaning Parsons stepping down signaled the end.

"Yeah, you know I often say for me, personally, ending Big Bang was like breaking up with the love of your life when you know nothing is wrong, but it’s just time. That’s really what it felt like you know. I’m still processing what that entire journey was like. 279 episodes you know, I grew up on that show."

As one might expect, the final table read was very difficult and according to the fans, it was more emotional than the final scene itself, as we got to see the real people behind the characters and how they truly felt about the show.

The Big Bang Theory Cast Had A Hard Time Reading The Final Scene

The table read was very hard for the cast. As Jim Parsons reads his lines, we can see the rest of the cast changing facial expressions and completely breaking down. Mayim Bialik tries to console Cuoco and Rauch, though she ends up breaking down herself. It was truly quite the moment that showed how much the show meant to everyone.

Fans in the comment section called the moment more emotional than the final scene and in truth, they really aren't wrong.

"This was more emotional than the actual ending 😥😥 Almost as emotional as the final episode of Friends," one fan said.

"Love how Mayim does her best to console Kaley and Melissa, but then gets caught in the emotion herself when the theme song starts to play."

Fans would also bring up the fact that everything was that much harder to digest given that most of the cast aside from Parsons wasn't ready to let go.

"The saddest part of this is that none of the cast or crew wanted Big Bang to end apart from Jim Parsons who played Sheldon. Watching it knowing this makes it more heartbreaking."

Of course, filming the final scene was no easy task and that was especially true for Kaley Cuoco who went off the script.

Kaley Cuoco's Tears During The Last Scene Were Not Part Of The Script

The show came to an end with Sheldon and Amy winning the Nobel Prize. Sheldon gave an emotional speech during the final scene, one that had the cast in tears at the table read.

However, it wasn't exactly easy when it came to filming the actual scene. In fact, Cuoco was forced to go off-script, showing real tears and emotions, something she wasn't told to do.

Chuck Lorre revealed that this happened on a few occasions during the show's run, as Cuoco's organic tears would bring even more emotions to the scene and ultimately, they were left in.

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