Original NCIS: Los Angeles Star Reacts To Missing The Series Finale
NCIS: Los Angeles showrunner R. Scott Gemmill addressed the absence of Barrett Foa's character Eric Beale in the series finale, explaining that it was due to availability and budget constraints. Gemmill said that if he had the time and money, he would have included everyone who had ever been on the show. In response, Foa said that he would have loved to play Eric one last time and expressed gratitude for the shout-out his character received. The finale saw Callen marrying Anna before leaving with Sam to rescue Hetty in Morocco, where they were joined by Nell, Nate Getz, Sabatino, and a new team member played by Chris O'Donnell's son. Meanwhile, Eric was "sadly" giving a TED Talk in Singapore, according to Nell. Foa will next be seen playing the First Gentleman in Netflix's upcoming White House-set murder-mystery drama, The Residence.

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