7 Reasons Why We Will Miss 'NCIS's Tony DiNozzo


Actor Michael Weatherly, who portrays Special Agent Tony DiNozzo on the popular CBS show NCIS, has revealed that he will be leaving the series in this year's season finale. While the show will continue without him, fans of the character are sure to miss him. Here are seven reasons why Tony DiNozzo is so beloved by viewers.

Firstly, DiNozzo always manages to look good, no matter the circumstance. Even after being stuffed into a body bag or staying up all night searching for his partner Ziva in Israel, he never has a hair out of place.

Secondly, he knows how to rock a suit. Tony’s fashion sense is impeccable, never wavering from his stylish attire.


He takes his looks seriously, carrying a backpack to work to show he takes his job seriously as well.

His loyalty is another reason why fans admire him. He went to great lengths to save Ziva from assassins and even traveled the world to find the man responsible for Gibbs' shooting. In the end, he always comes out on top, delivering a witty one-liner as he takes down the bad guys.

Tony is also a walking IMDB. He loves movies and frequently quotes and references them in conversations. His vast knowledge of cinema sets him apart from others.

Furthermore, his relationship with his father, Tony DiNozzo Sr.


played by Robert Wagner, adds depth to his character. Despite his father's criminal past, Tony still takes care of him, showcasing his caring and compassionate side.

Tony has endured numerous injuries and close calls throughout the series, but he always bounces back. Whether it's getting hit on the head by Gibbs or surviving explosive situations, he remains resilient and continues to thrive.

Lastly, Tony's loyalty to NCIS is unwavering. Despite opportunities to lead his own team in Spain, he chose to stay with the agency for over a decade. His dedication to his job, even working at a small desk, is commendable.

While Michael Weatherly may be leaving the show, Tony DiNozzo will forever be remembered as a beloved character with staying power. Fans will surely miss his charm, wit, and penchant for movie references.


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