Does The Cast Of 'Good Luck Charlie' Still Get Along?!

It has been over a decade since Good Luck, Charlie premiered on Disney Channel. The show has marked a whole generation's childhood with its comedic yet relevant and enthralling plot. It follows the life of the Duncan family, which consists of four (and eventually five) children, the youngest one being Charlie. When she's born, Teddy, the older sister, decides she wants to make a video diary for Charlie to watch and learn from when she's older, and every chapter starts and ends with Teddy recording whatever new adventure she and the family had.The Good Luck, Charlie cast had a blast shooting the show, and that was largely because they became very close along the way. But what happened to their friendship after the show ended? Almost everyone in the cast was quite young, so they all moved on with their lives and careers, but that doesn't mean they forgot about each other.

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