Who Is The Good Luck Charlie Actress Popping Into Commercials?

Whether you're a casual television watcher or a full-on couch surfer, there's a solid chance you've seen more than a few commercials featuring a supporting star from a popular 2010s Disney Channel show. In fact, this particular actress is so prolific in her commercial work, that she's appeared as a main character in commercials for bigwig companies like Pepsi, Subaru, Allstate, Capital One, and Xfinity TV. 

In her Pepsi commercial, we watch as she tries to win a ring toss game at a carnival. On her umpteenth try, she not only wins, but chooses to celebrate with a Diet Pepsi. As she basks in the glow of her victory, she wonders if NFL star Odell Beckham Jr. feels as triumphant when he scores a touchdown, which prompts the commercial to cut to Beckham Jr. 

In a 2016 Subaru commercial, we see the actress play one half of a road-tripping couple that opts to take the road less traveled, even if the scenario they envision includes a bear trying to hunt them down. This Disney Channel star has also been known to go serious with her commercial roles, like the one she landed in an Allstate commercial, which features her and her commercial husband heading to the bank to open a savings account for their son. 

So, why does the actress in these Pepsi, Subaru, and Allstate commercials look so familiar?

Good Luck Charlie alum Cyrina Fiallo stays busy with commercials

Your eyes aren't deceiving you; the reason this actress in all of these commercials looks so familiar is because she's Cyrina Fiallo, aka Vonnie from Disney Channel's "Good Luck Charlie." 

If you were an avid Disney Channel viewer in the mid-2010s, then chances are good you saw at least one or two episodes of "Good Luck Charlie," starring Bridget Mendler as Teddy Duncan, a teenager who must help her parents raise the Duncans' newest addition — the titular Charlie — while her parents hold down their jobs. Teddy often had help watching Charlie thanks to her brothers, PJ (Jason Dolley) and Gabe (Bradley Steven Perry), as well as her friends Ivy (Raven Goodwin), Kelsey (Coco Jones), and Vonnie. Per her entry on IMDb, Fiallo played Vonnie in seven episodes of "Good Luck Charlie," and even appeared in the 2014 series finale.

Outside of her impressive work on "Good Luck Charlie" and in a variety of commercials for companies including Pepsi and Subaru (check them out over on iSpot.tv), Fiallo has probably appeared on at least one TV show you've enjoyed in the last decade. Fiallo has appeared on episodes of "Glee," "The Fosters," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "Supernatural," and "Community." Recently, she appeared in episodes of "Raven's Home" and "9-1-1: Lone Star," which tells us that she remains booked and busy. 

So, if you've missed one of her commercials or a recent TV appearance, don't worry — Fiallo will pop up soon in something new and fun to watch.

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