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The Cast Of 'Young Sheldon': Which Kid Is The Richest?


In May 2017, CBS announced that they had commissioned a spin-off prequel series for their hit sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. Focused on the life of central character Sheldon Cooper as a child, the show was titled Young Sheldon and was created by Chuck Lorre, who is also the brains behind the parent series. To play a young Sheldon, CBS cast a then 9-year old Iain Armitage, from HBO's Big Little Lies.

The show has helped Armitage - now 13 years old - to rise to worldwide fame and acclaim. The same can be said of his fellow young actors on the show, including Wyatt McClure, McKenna Grace and Montana Jordan.


These fledgling artists have also accrued a decent amount of wealth for themselves as a result. But who among them is the richest of the lot?

An Impressive Sum

Out of all the young actors on Young Sheldon, the oldest is Montana Jordan, who plays Sheldon's older brother, Georgie. Jordan turned 18 in March this year. As such, he can no longer be considered a child actor, but he featured in most of his 86 episodes of the series so far before becoming an adult.

Young Sheldon is Montana Jordan's only TV show credit of his career so far, although he did make a cameo in one episode of Big Bang in its final season.


In 2018, he played a character called Jaden Ferguson in the Netflix comedy drama titled The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter. He starred alongside the MCU's Josh Brolin (Jaden's father, Buck) and Danny McBride (Buck's friend, Don).

Despite earning most of his money from the one production so far, Jordan is estimated to be worth an impressive sum of $2 million. The Texas-born actor has been part of Young Sheldon from the very first episode, as has Armitage, unsurprisingly so.

Like Jordan, Young Sheldon has also been Armitage's main TV part to date.


He, however, also enjoyed a leading role in HBO's two-season drama, Big Little Lies, where he portrayed a character called Ziggy Chapman.

A Good Work Ethic

Armitage has also since landed a voice role for the Cartoon Network series Craig of the Creek. His work here is set to debut in the fourth season in late October. Still only a few months into his first teenage year, the young boy from Georgia appreciates that he is lucky to have the job he does on Young Sheldon.

"As long as you try your hardest and try to have a good work ethic and know that you're very lucky to be here doing whatever you do, whether it's working at some office job or being on the set of a show like Young Sheldon.


.. Whatever you do, you're lucky to have it," he wisely reflected in a 2019 interview with Esquire. Armitage has already amassed an incredibly plum net worth, estimated to stand around $4 million.

Another young actor who has been on the spin-off show since the beginning is Raegan Revord. She plays Missy Cooper, Sheldon and Georgie's youngest sister. Revord is agemates with Armitage, although her $350,000 net worth is comparatively less impressive.

A Recurring Role

Wyatt McClure played only a recurring role - as a rival-turned-friend to Sheldon - between the first and fourth seasons of Young Sheldon.


He is, however, set to graduate into a series regular starting Season 5, as was reported by Deadline in August.

McClure's character, Billy Sparks, is one of the most loved by fans of the show. This affection is often evidenced by comments shared by audience members on social media. One such fan raved on Twitter recently, saying, "Can't wait for the new season of #YoungSheldon... Also can't wait to see Billy Sparks. He cracks me up."

"I finished watching Young Sheldon 3.. I went back to Season 1, it gets funny every time when I watch it.


My favorite character [is] Billy Sparks," another chimed in. Other credits in McClure's portfolio include Puppy Dog Pals and the movies, Glass Jaw and Psychos. His net worth is estimated to be about $1 million.

15-year old McKenna Grace first appeared in the second episode of Young Sheldon's Season 2, where she plays a genius girl called Paige Swanson. She has featured in only six episodes of the show, but away from it, she is arguably the most experienced child in the cast. In her nine years or so of professional acting, Grace has amassed a net worth of around $2 million.

Young Sheldon has clearly helped to mint some young millionaires. However, none among them is yet to accrue as much wealth as Armitage's $4 million.

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