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18 Photos Of Penny, Bernadette And Amy That Make Us Miss Big Bang Theory

The show started in the fall of 2007. The cast wasn’t the most recognizable aside from Cuoco, who appeared on a couple of years prior - although, Cuoco didn’t even make the cut for the show initially... we’ll have more on that a little later.

Despite all of this, everything came together perfectly when it mattered. The show went on to brilliant success filming 12 seasons and almost 280 episodes. It finally came to an end this year, after a run of longer than a decade.

In this article, we’ll remember our favorite trio, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy. We’ll take a look at behind the scenes pics of the three, along with photos of what they’re up to these days.

Enjoy, folks!

18 Amy All Dressed Up

This is Amy like we’ve never seen her before... well, at least on . She’s dressed up looking great in this behind the scenes pic. It is hard to believe but Bialik is 44-years-old. She manages to maintain a terrific shape in large part thanks to kickboxing.

17 Trio Selfie

All of our favorite Big Bang ladies in one picture. We can tell that the three shared a close bond off the set given the amount of selfies they took both on and off set.

It reflected on-screen as they shared tremendous chemistry.

16 Dancing Behind The Scenes

What makes this show even greater is the amount of fun that the cast would have behind the scenes.

Whether it was a funny blooper or as we see in the pic above, Penny and the rest of the cast dancing to the Backstreet Boys, they always knew how to lighten the mood and have a good time.

15 Duo Reunited

Get ready, folks, because our favorite duo is about to make a return to the tube, this time for a FOX series.

According to , Amy (aka Mayim) is set to take on the starring role in . Parsons will also be taking part in the show.

14 Penny Post-Big Bang

We can say for sure judging by the picture above, Penny hasn’t missed any workouts since exiting the show.

She made a couple of appearances since ended, the most memorable was on Lip Sync Battle. We couldn’t believe how ripped Penny looked, she definitely stole the show and our hearts.

13 Penny & Leonard Pumping Up The Crowd

It was always a blast during and prior to a Big Bang episode filming. The cast knew how to engage the audience.

We get a rare glimpse of Penny and Leonard getting the fans engaged and ready to go. Penny has that million-dollar smile that lured so many fans into the show.

12 Amy Posing With The Portrait

Who can forget this hilarious painting which was meant to commemorate the friendship between Amy and Penny?

It was an expensive gift as well; Amy said she paid $3,000 for it! It was a popular episode and Amy just had to take a picture with the iconic painting, posting it up on her IG.

11 Out Of Character

Here’s a unique trio we really didn’t see much of – though off-camera, it was very different as Melissa Rauch was very popular amongst her castmates.

They all appear to be dressed up for a different kind of occasion; Leonard looks completely out of character – even Bernadette looks confused by it all.

10 Amy On Drop The Mic

This was a dream come true for fans, as both Amy and Raj took part in . It made for such a memorable episode and the skit was watched by millions via YouTube.

If only we got a glimpse of this on an episode of , that would’ve made for quite the scene.

9 Group Selfie

We get another rare behind the scenes shot, this one featuring Bernadette, Howard and a rare visual of Sheldon smiling from ear-to-ear.

He’s a much different person off the set and some would say the complete opposite, especially when it comes to his charming personality – which is on full display.

8 Penny Behind The Scenes

It is hard to believe but prior to starting, Cuoco auditioned for a role that was the complete opposite of Penny.

She didn’t get the role and later, the new part of Penny was offered to the actress. She completely thrived in the spot.

7 Bernadette & Amy Selfie

A selfie with two of our favorite gals. Both remain very busy since the show came to an end.

Amy is currently prepping for a return to television alongside Sheldon while Bernadette continues to take on lots of work, especially voice-overs for shows and films.

6 Couple Goals

These two shared some awesome moments together throughout the show’s lengthy run. It wasn’t always the smoothest between the two, especially with Sheldon’s contract and various sets of rules that Amy needed to follow on the regular.

It all made for some entertaining television that we’ll never forget.

5 Trio Fun

A great pic of our favorite trio. Who can forget Penny stunning the audience with her new look? Not very surprising, Penny pulled off the look to true perfection.

Such a great pic of the three who are all smiles – we hope to see a reunion between these gals in the near future; the reruns just aren’t enough!

4 Bernadette Moving On

Fans might be livid that she’s not hugging Howard. Nonetheless, like the rest of the cast, Bernadette is moving on with her professional career.

Along with lots of voice-over work, she’s also on Ode To Joy – without the use of her character. A weird visual to say the least.

3 Final Selfie

They took this heartwarming selfie during the final episode. It must’ve been an emotional time for the cast. The show ultimately ran for an astonishing 12 seasons and 279 episodes.

After more than a decade on television, the show finally came to a halt in May of 2019.

2 Rocking The Glasses

Yet another pic of the trio having a good time and rocking the glasses. We won’t forget those classic episodes featuring the three at Penny’s house, sipping on some wine and talking about some serious gossip.

It was a dream come true for Amy getting to share that moment with Penny and Bernadette.

1 The Favs

We get a picture of our favorites and main acts on the show. We saw so many iconic scenes take place in that very location. Hilariously enough, the caution tape stayed on the elevator doors throughout most of the series.

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