Must Watch! How The Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Driving Rihanna Nuts


In Hollywood, there are a lot of celebrity friendships that most people could have predicted. A perfect example of that is after years of working together and rising to fame in tandem, everyone would expect Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox to be close friends.

On the other hand, over the years there have been many examples of . When the world learned that Eminem and Elton John had become close friends, that seemed like a truly odd pairing, especially given some of the rapper's lyrics.

During lengthy and incredibly successful career, she has been described in a wide variety of ways, almost all of which are positive. However, virtually nobody would describe Rihanna as a nerd.

With that in mind, the idea that Rihanna and would become pals seems completely unexpected. As it turns out, however, the two stars appear to be friends but according to Parsons, he realized a habit of his was annoying Rihanna.


How Did Jim Parsons And Rihanna Become Friends?

When most people think about Jim Parsons, it is visions of his character from that come to mind. Of course, Parsons is an actor, so nobody should assume he is like his TBBT character but he seems a lot like Sheldon in some ways during interviews.

Based on the way Parsons is perceived, it seems like he would be more comfortable staying home with his husband than going to industry events. With that in mind, it seems strange that Parsons ever got to become friends with Rihanna.

As it turns out, Parsons and Rihanna became pals for a simple reason, they worked together.


In 2015, Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox released an animated movie called Home. Since Home wasn't a massive success, a lot of people forget that Parsons and Rihanna starred in the family film.

While stars who lend their voices to animated movies typically record their dialogue separately, Rihanna and Parsons time together while promoting Home. During that period, Parsons and Rihanna hit it off. In fact, Parsons was so taken with Rihanna that during an appearance on Ellen .

"Can I tell you? I've been doing press for the past four days with Rihanna and Steve [Martin], but, Rihanna smells so good.


I am not kidding. She has a scent." When Ellen asked Parsons to describe how Rihanna smells, he replied with a one-word answer, "Heaven".

Why Jim Parsons Was Annoying Rihanna

In the modern music landscape, there are only a handful of artists that virtually everyone seems to like and Rihanna is one of them. Blessed with a truly incredible singing voice, seemingly effortless charisma, and a long list of hit songs, Rihanna will almost certainly go down as one of the top artists of her generation.

Given the way most fans feel about Rihanna, it seems safe to say that there are loads of people who'd love to become her friend.


On top of that, if someone manages to become friends with Rihanna, it seems obvious that they wouldn't be able to resist talking about that.

When Jim Parsons became friends with Rihanna, it unsurprisingly didn't take him long to brag about that in public.

During the promotional tour for Home, Parsons appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and took the opportunity to talk about his co-star Rihanna. During that conversation, Parsons made it clear that he valued being friends with Rihanna.

Based on what Parsons revealed, however, even though he loved being around Rihanna, he developed a habit that he realized must annoy the talented singer.


"I've been doing press with Steve Martin and Rihanna and I, being around her, her songs keep coming into my head and I keep saying, like, 'Yellow diamonds in…' I mean, just out of nowhere I'll be doing it."

"And first off, her reaction is always…she'll look at me and she goes, 'That gives me chills,' and not in a good way. Like, please stop."

According to Parsons, he didn't initially figure out how irritating his habit of singing Rihanna's songs to her must be at first. However, Parsons had that epiphany once he considered how he would feel in a similar situation.


"But the second thing I thought was, this might be really irritating. Like what if she was doing 'bazinga' the whole time we were doing press, and I'd go, 'Would you shut up?' I thought it was a compliment."

On the bright side, it certainly seems like Parsons and Rihanna's relationship survived his annoying habit. After all, there were so many clips of the two stars being adorable together while promoting their movie Home that there are compilations of those moments on YouTube.


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