Unexpected Connections: 10 Surprising Bonds Forged in The Big Bang Theory

Stuart Bloom becomes an unexpected friend to Bernadette and Howard after his comic book store burns down. He moves in with them, and after Mrs. Wolowitz passes away, he becomes their caregiver. Stuart soon becomes a regular member of the gang. Penny and Sheldon, despite their differences, have great chemistry and playful banter. Howard and Mike start off on bad terms but eventually bond over a fishing trip. Beverly Hofstadter has a unique relationship with Sheldon, and Raj is more devoted to his dog Cinnamon than to any girlfriend. Mary Cooper, Sheldon's mother, surprisingly bonds with the gang. Howard and Sheldon's relationship grows, and Penny, Bernadette, and Amy become close friends. Professor Proton serves as a mentor to Sheldon, and Sheldon and Leonard's friendship defies expectations.

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