Benson Got Shot and [Spoiler] Died in the Law & Order: Organized Crime Finale

In the Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 finale, Benson and Stabler uncover Kyle as the mastermind behind Shadowërk, a revenge-for-hire website. They become targets but survive an attack in a diner, during which Benson is shot. They track down Kyle's hideout, but he attempts suicide with a katana. They prioritize saving him to shut down the website. Kyle refuses to cooperate until they threaten to arrest his mother, who protected him. Detective Whelan, paralyzed and on life support, considers ending his life. Eventually, Kyle agrees to take down Shadowërk. However, tragedy strikes as Whelan dies. At Whelan's funeral, Stabler gives Benson a gift to find happiness. They promise to do so before Stabler leaves for a new case. They share a heartfelt moment as partners.

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