Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 24 Episode 22 Review: All Pain Is One Malady

Law & Order: SVU Season 24 Episode 22, "All Pain Is One Malady," follows a similar format as the previous episode with two cases presented. While one case sees some resolution by the end, the other case offers hope for victims seeking justice. The season finale leaves viewers with an open ending, enticing them to watch Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 22, titled "With Many Names."

McGrath's usual approach on Law & Order: SVU is to trust Olivia Benson to handle situations, but due to pressure from the FBI and Interpol, he becomes insistent on taking action. Against Benson's belief, he pushes for the immediate arrest of the rapists in Episode 21, "Bad Things." Despite initial doubts, the arrests ultimately bring a sense of validation to the victims. However, McGrath's anger and impatience lead Jet to release an untested virus in an attempt to catch the perpetrator.

In "All Pain Is One Malady," the crossover is hinted through the presence of Stabler and Jet. Stabler has a significant moment with Benson, while Jet showcases her skills and proves her worth. Despite McGrath's insistence, Jet's idea to launch the virus prematurely backfires. Nonetheless, her abilities help the team capture a suspect, bringing them closer to shutting down the site.

Bruno and Fin's partnership on Law & Order: SVU has been highly anticipated and they deliver exceptional work together. Their empathetic approach to cases involving male victims is commendable, providing support and validation. The Bruno and Fin duo is one of the highlights of the season, showcasing their experience and dedication to the victims.

Bruno and Fin's partnership on Law & Order: SVU is powerful. In "All Pain Is One Malady," they address the stigma around male victims, offering support and validation. Bruno reassures a teenage boy that the assault was not his fault. Their experience and empathy make them standout characters this season.

Even though it is bittersweet to see the season end, it is nice to end it with a small appearance from Rollins.

Since she left the squad room, there has been a void that none of the new detectives have been able to fill. Particularly with Benson who hasn't found a friend like Amanda in anyone else.

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