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'Law and Order: SVU' Needs to Commit to the Benson/Stabler Romance

Until recently, and I mean really recent, like within the last two seasons recent, there haven’t been any outright obvious romantic moments between the two — or even anything that heavily alluded to a possibility. 
But that’s the beauty of Benson and Stabler and the relationship they do have, they have so much love for each other, even if it isn’t canonically romantic, that even brief glances and body language paint a big picture.

The internet went abuzz when the promo for Season 24, Episode 12 dropped. It showed Benson and Stabler in an embrace that looked far more than friendly, and the pair of them leaning into one another as if they were going to kiss. And it's not just the fans who thought that, the writers and show account took to teasing it, only stoking the embers of a long burning pair.

Finally, after twenty-four long years, Benson and Stabler were going to kiss! Only, they didn’t, and fans were once again left baited and disappointed.
In fact, the scene in the promo didn’t even make the final cut of the episode, which only added more fuel to the rage of fans who finally thought this was the moment they had been waiting for. Sure, we saw a more vulnerable side of Olivia, as she admitted to Elliot that she wanted to, but couldn’t. And while it’s understandable, especially after all she has gone through throughout the series run, and all the things Elliot doesn’t know anything about the time he was away, it doesn’t make it any less hard to stomach.
It’s important that both Benson and Stabler are in the right headspace to get into a relationship, of course, and given how they’ve only recently reconnected, it’s natural that there would be some trepidation. But it’s far past time the show makes a decision about what they’re going to do with the pair. Slow burns are a brilliant trope in television, and the build-up is what makes the ship hit even harder and become so beloved. The journey only adds to the destination. But when it comes to Benson and Stabler, it doesn’t so much feel like a slow burn at this point as it does an agonizing crawl that is constantly being pulled out of reach.
We all want to see it happen, it’s why we jump at every moment the two share, and it’s why we analyze the conversations, touches, and glances. We can all see the potential, and while there’s no doubt the writers do as well, it’s getting extremely old to still see them toy with the characters. That’s not to say the two need to jump into bed together and start dating immediately, but would it kill to have a conversation? A proper, adult conversation about their feelings where everything is out on the table. There’s no denying there’s much to be worked through, and things they’ll have to talk about, but they’re just never given the chance.
After seeing the outcry from the internet after Season 24, Episode 12 it’s only proving how badly the show needs to drop the will-they-won’t-they arc. Either make them a couple or not, of course, we’d all prefer the former, but at this point, any development will do. The teasing and hinting were fun at first, but now it’s tiresome and continuing to do so may do more harm than good. It’s simply time to make a decision, SVU, or else fans may just give up hope — and their viewership, altogether.

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